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Digital Download FAQ

We use a popular video download system called to sell and rent our videos. The advantage in this system is that it’s 100% digital – when you order a video, you can start watching right away on any device.

If you’d like to purchase a DVD copy, they are available on here and here.<[/p>

How To Buy Or Rent Our Videos

Step 1: Click the “buy” or “rent” button for whichever video you’re interested in.

Step 2: Fill out the information, choose “Rent” or “Buy”, and click the big orange button.

Enter your info and choose buy or rent

Step 3: Once your order is approved, you’ll see a big “Watch Now” button. You can start watching on your current device.

Click watch now

Step 4: Check your email for your receipt. This will include the information you need to watch your video on any other device.

Can I Watch The Videos On My Phone or Tablet?
Can I Download The Actual Video File?
What if I don't have an internet connection?
What if I don't like the video? Can I get a refund?