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About Us

Jason Lancaster

Meet Jason. is the creation of Jason Lancaster, a life-long automotive enthusiast (some would say “car nerd”), husband, and father of the cutest little girl and little boy in the world.

Jason is a Denver resident, the founder of Spork Marketing, the editor of,, and, and a contributor to numerous automotive blogs. You can learn more about Jason by visiting his profile on Google Plus.


Mark Harvey

MeetĀ Mark.

The studio that produces our videos is owned by Mark Harvey, who is also a life-long automotive enthusiast. Mark is a passionate fan of video production, going all the way back to his days serving as president of his high schools’ AV club (seriously, Mark was the president of the AV club in high school…can you say “nerd”?).

Mark is the proud father, a long-time Denver resident, a generous and kind friend to everyone he meets, and heĀ also knows how to throw a great Super Bowl party.


Meet Sara.

Sara Lancaster joined the Kids Like Trucks crew to manage the website and promotions. She is the the voice behind our social media profiles and standing by to assist all of our customers with questions and purchases.

Seeing how she’s married to Jason, she’s also a Denver resident and the mom to the cutest little girl and boy in the world. And, guess what? Those kids love trucks! Learn more about Sara on her Google+ profile.


About Our Products

All of our videos and DVDs, books, mobile apps, toys, are offered with the following principles in mind:

  1. Every product we offer must be wholesome and entertaining.
  2. Every product we offer must have an informative/educational aspect.
  3. Every product we offer must be of high quality and good value.

These guiding principles help us determine what we offer for purchase on